Studio 1

Lisa Goldberg | 4619 Meredith Rd. | 937.767.7285

Lisa Goldberg Ceramics

Lisa Goldberg | 937.767.7285

Hand-built soda-fired pottery vases, platters, bowls, and candle holders; clay and mixed media masks.

Cody Heichel

Cody Heichel |

Loose and interpretive watercolor paintings that aim to capture the mood and essence of each subject.

Donna D'Aquino

Donna D'Aquino |

Hand-fabricated jewelry using steel, sterling silver, and 18kt gold. Fall specials on some work.

Didem Mert

Didem Mert |

Handbuilt pottery with textural surfaces in earthy palettes. Decorated by layering different surfaces./h4>